Below are new and recent works of art by Marleen Hoover.  In the first group are mixed media drawings available at the River Art Group Gallery in La Villita, San Antonio, Tx.  In the second group are 3-d collages consisting of various found and other objects imbedded in resin and will be part of an exhibition at the Memorial Branch, San Antonio Public Library, 3222 W. Culebra, San Antonio, TX from March through April, 2015.

Mission Concepcion
Mission Concepcion

Ruins of the Alamo

1846 Ruins of the Alamo


Welcome to My New Beach Front Property, Courtesy of Climate Change


Among the Stars

I Searched Among the Stars

Flights of Fantasy

Flights of Fantasy and Imagination

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Examine expressive Tile Works and additional paintings on canvas by Marleen Hoover and Chuck Glave.
Below, series of Southwest Mission drawings, mixed media on paper
, previously exhibited at the Yuma Center for the Arts.
 Click on each to view larger images.

Southwest Mission
Southwest Mission
Southwest Mission
Southwest Mission
Southwest Mission
Southwest Mission
Southwest Mission
Soutwest Mission 2
Southwest Mission 3
Southwest Mission 4
Southwest Mission 5
Southwest Mission 6

Above, altered detail from  Thetis, Daughter of Poseidon, mixed media painting on canvas.

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